Thursday, December 25, 2008

Indonesian Bathroom

My Friend, Jed, has just written about Indonesian bathroom. I found it interesting because it states several facts about the differences between Indonesian bathroom and western bathroom. One of those is that Indonesian seems has a motto: "wet is clean" while it is actually has a contradiction with western motto which stated "dry is clean". But I don't know. I think you have to check it out for yourself.


If you are going to visit Indonesia or planning to live in Indonesia, I suggest you to read that writing, since it has the information about it. Just use it to prepare for yourself. Read more, acknowledge more. Have fun reading!



Si Jagoan Makan said...

ih..kok aku jadi geli ya kalau mbahas gini. Soalnya di Surabaya masih banyak yang boker di kali ama pipis di tembok...wakakakakaka

artwannabe said...

yaaa bener2 beda bahkan untuk wc aja kebanyakan indonesia toilet mayoritas menggunakan squat toilet, klo untuk bule yang make toilet jenis ini bisa keram tuh paha ^_^

salam kenal,


mrpall said...

salam knal aja dolo....nona manis

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