Monday, December 22, 2008

Home and Sick

I has just arrived from Malang this morning. i am really tired and I am not healthy. There is something wrong with my stomach and I am not sure about it. My mom thought it was because of the weather. After I lived in a cold city, I moved to warm and hot city. Well, that makes sense.

I has just eaten a bowl of hot noodle. I hope it could help me reduce the pain in my stomach. it is not a stomachache. It is a weird pain which you can not feel it often. So guys, i hope you could pray for me and wish me the best. lol..

Have a great day!



nyumix said...

Wooow.. your blog is sooo cute now!

Jenny said...

I am so sorry to hear that you are not so fine. Hope you will feel better soon! Kisses!

Hannah said...

Smoga cepat sembuh ya, non.
Makan bubur dan yg hangat2 dan minum teh manis hangat ya .. mungkin perut lo kram krn pergantian cuaca kali ya?
Niwei, once again, get well soon *kiss kiss*

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