Flexy or City of Tomorrow?

Here is an information for Indonesian people especially for them who live in Surabaya.

I went to "City of Tomorrow yesterday and bought a clothes for about Rp. 160.000. The problem was not in the clothes but in the reward. They said, I got a prize, because I spent more than Rp. 100.000. So, they gave me the prize. It was a new Flexi sim card. I brought my bill to the information office and yes, they gave me "a brand new sim card". I did not open it because It was covered by a paper, so I thought this was so neat. I did not want to tear it up. Let my brother do it.

Then this day come. My brother opened it and was surprized because the card has been used. It is not a brand new sim card. It is a second hand sim card. I was very disappointed and upset. Why the big mall like City of Tomorrow and big provider like Flexy could do this to their customer.

Here is the reason why I am sure that that's a second hand sim card:

1. The card is already ripped and has been taped to make it stick with the big box.

2. I haven't registered yet, but I can use the card to call my home. It should not happen to a new card, RIGHT?

3. There is a delivery report on that card, while I STILL HAVEN'T USED IT YET.

4. The validity period is almost end. Wait... it is new, how could it happen?

Okay, that's all. This very "delightful" experience makes me really sure that.





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