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My sister Fida had held a writing contest last October. The event called "Fida Abbott's Give Away of The Year". The contest is for the expatriate all over the world. Here is the snap shots of her event:

Are you an Expatriate? Share your most excited experience by writing your comment here or give me your link that show your writing about 'Being An Expatriate' in Indonesian or English. There will be a giveaway to the person who writes the best! Take this challenge and win my giveaway of the year. The giveaway will be closed on November 10th, 2008.
I must admit that she is very creative. She collects all of blogger in all the world to do this and she made it. This event is good for making new friends and knowing each other. With this event, all of us could also share our interests and our experiences. I wonder whether i could do this kind of event or not.



  1. In my mind you are very creative ,too, with your blog. Whenever I read it and think of my blog, I think mine is boring and nobody is reading it.

  2. No Jenny, you're doing great. You post many interesting things on your blog. just a little touch will make it more reachable.


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