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Happy.... happy.... happy... do not be curious. It's Sis Fida Give me a gift because I have been involved in her activity on writing contest. (Is it writing contest sis?)

Well, I am so happy because I always excited on activities. I like to do many things. I love event, and I love all my sisters. So even plus sister will be a very good combination ;).

Sis Fida gave me this award. Wow! thank you very much. I do not know, should I give this to another blogger too? Well, If I have to do that, I think I need time to consider who are the next.

... Just kidding...lol...

But I really need time...lol...

okay, we'll just wait who is the next lucky persons...

Thank you again sis!



  1. Hi Icha,

    You are very welcome.
    You might give this to the others ot not. It is up to you.

    Yes, it is writing contest.

    BTW, thank you for your great support. You can take off its logo if you want.

    Thank you a bunch

    Your Sister in PA


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