Treatment? Oh no!

Do you severe eating disorders? I have that kind of experience and it is unhealthy. Really, you could come to a phase when you can not eat well and have a stomach-ache. Actually I was searching about this eating disorders thing today. I decide to lose some weight, because I was afraid that the dancing suite will not match me when I gain weight. And when you are gaining weight, you can not dance properly. That is one thing for sure. So I decide to reduce this weight.

Starting this program, I do not want to get lost. I do not go to the treatment centers because I am afraid that I will spend more money. So I just reduce my meals and drink some medicine. I have the natural one, of course, because I do not want to have too many harmful drugs on my body. I do not want to go to the drug treatment for having an improperly drugs. So, let start the healthy diets. Oh, I hope it will works.



  1. Jadi healthy dietnya pegimana, Cha?
    Makan obat2 buat diet gitu bikin hormon kacau lho katanya.. ga bagus banget buat badan.
    Ati2 ya..


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