Online Relationship

Internet now is becoming a new media for every individual who wants to make a new relationship to others. My thesis found that from the internet, we could have a boyfriend or girlfriend which is match to our personality and interest. Internet is not a second choice anymore, it become the first alternative for making a relationship.

Building a close relationship sometimes is depending on how we introduce ourselves. There are online dating services which could facilitate this relationship. They offer many dating sites for us who wants to have a date.

You will find your dating here online through this service and choose one who is match with you. The interesting thing is that they compare each other dating sites to help us find the perfect mate for us. Well, this is of course for you who wants to create a new relationship. But for you who wants to have a new friends, it is also allowed to introduce yourselves here.

Meeting each other in the real world is possible but maintaining a relationship through online dating is chalenging. I used to have that kind of relationship and our relationship is still good until now. We almost have no problem with our relationship. I also find many new friends online and they are all kind and generous. I think you should try it.



  1. Wow, I didn't know if your thesis will be this theme. I'm sure it will be interesting.

    You might use me as an example.

    Good Luck!


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