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Do you love to sing? Do you love R & B? If you do, where do you usually find the song you like? No, I am not going to interview you now; I just want to tell you about this new Singersroom site. Well, I do not know whether it is new or not actually, but I has just visited it, so I called it “new” for me.

It is a multimedia urban online magazine – see, I am not talking only about music – and it includes candid interviews, music, videos, and editorials on fashion and lifestyle trends. Wow! That is really cool! If you want to know the newest news from celebrities, you could. If you want to know about the newest song and music released, you will get it.

They also interview many celebrities so you could know their activities and lifestyle. There are also celebrity blog there, this is special for you who really addicted to one celebrity and really want to know anything about him/her



  1. i love music and i used to download songs from limewire. but that has long been blocked in my office so i get music downloads from friends' multiply site.

  2. limewire is blocked, multiply also... So, i download from livejournal. My office cant stop me to download music file that i want ... he he...
    Celebrity blog ?!! Maybe u can visit my blog... ha ha ha

  3. Hi sis Pia. I do not know about Ic, my friend have ever told me about multiply. That's good for you;)

    Hi Henry, oh really? bad news, that would means that sis Pia can't download from MP again right? livejournal? sounds interesting.


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