Me and Mr. Sexy (Part one)

I use to greet everyone on my messenger list everyday. I cheered them up by saying an encouragement words for them. No matter who they are, as long as they are on my messenger list, I will greet them and cheer them. I do not care whether they are really paying any attention to those greetings, because my heart always says “Do it first and never expect anything for others. Do it for kindness and do not judge others” So I do it everyday.

One day, someone greet me back by asking this question, “Hey, do you only greet me or do you also greet another person?” then I answered, “I do it to all of my messenger friends” and we ended our conversation. I knew from one of the forum that He is such an arrogant person that anyone really hates him, but I do not care. I have decided and committed that I will not judge anyone and never expect anything.

Our second greeting is when he asks for my phone number. I gave it! I still can not believe it why I gave it to him. I do not know him. I never meet him. I never have more conversation than “Have a great day!” and “I do it to all of my messenger friends” but I gave it! Okay then, since it had been done, I had several talks with him.

to be continued here.....



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