Healthy Inside

Human can live without bread, but they can't live without the Word of God. This was the topic discussed on yesterday's fellowship. It might be simple, but we have to learn a lot about this. We sometimes ignore this verse, but this is crucial for our live. I am also learning day by day how to live by faith. I grumble, I upset and I failed, but I never give up to grow. How about you?



  1. So true Devita. No matter how much we stumble and fall - by the word of God we can stand right back up in His righteousness, clothed in His goodness and love!

    His love never ends and never fails!

    Blessings today!
    In His amazing grace,

  2. Congratulations!! You have been growing in HIM!

  3. We should never give up! Amen. Happy WFW!

  4. Thanks for sharing today!! Happy WFW

  5. but i never give up.. Amen!!!

    how incouraging!


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