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Ok guys, listen. This is about home security. If you really think that you need to have a gun, you probably have to consider several things. Choosing the right tools for your safety is crucial. If you choose to use gun, you have to think about its locks, bolts, steel thickness and also its additional gun safe features provided by the gun. This gun safe tips could help you to buy the right gun for you family. Remember, this is about the safety for your family. There are many ironic cases where the tools is not safe the family but it harms the family instead. Do not play a game for this one. Be wise.



  1. Devita,
    You picked a very important topic here. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and glad that you got a chuckle out of my "Thanksgiving survival". Have a wonderful Thanksgiving....Laurie

  2. Hi Devita...you know about guns?
    I love guns, used to take part in shooting competitions, old days.

    I had an M-16, a semi auto here, but when we went back to KL, too risky to leave it at home, even though locked, I surrendered it to the cops.

    I don't do hunting as I dislike killing animals, but love target shooting, and favourite gun? Handguns, revolvers...SW .357 Mag.

    You are right, safety comes first, always. Lee.

  3. Hi Laurie, yes, the first paragraph is brilliant for me:D. Thanks to you too.

    Hi Uncle! wow! you like gun! I want to try to shoot a plate someday, I can't find the perfect place here. I like to play it only at video games, because my mom doesn't permit me to use the real one.


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