Heroes of The Faith

Who are some real life “Heroes” of the Faith that you know? Why would you refer to him/her as a “Hero”? (Although, it would be great if it was someone you personally know, it is ok to also name someone you do not know, but still think he/she a “Hero”)

Wow! Once I read this topic, my mind goes to My father and Mr. Sexy. My father is 56 years old and Mr. sexy is almost a half of it. I learn from both of them. I learn faith day by day since I was born. I used to "only know" about it until now, I "know and learn" about it. Mr Sexy said that faith is scary, you should trust something which you do not really understand it will happen or work. My father used to guide me day by day until today. Now I have other person who teach me and guide me beside my father, he is Mr. Sexy. Both are precious for me. They are my Heroes of The Faith.



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