Good Morning!

Hi All!!!!!

I am back! I actually am not sure about this because the internet seems in trouble. But that is okay, I still can greet you this morning right?? How are you? Baby Alleluia? Uncle Lee? Jenny? Sis Fida??? Nie and Eta? Jed? Sis Hannah? Fun? and all who I can't mention your name.....wkwkkwk...

I miss you all... I miss to be here in the blogosphere... (is it true? blogosphere?) Well, I am hungry now. But hey, how about I tel you about my recent activities step by step? And then you will know what have I done lately when I can't online. how 'bout that??

Miss to hear from you!


I love you... I love you... mwah... mwah... (miss universe wannabe :P )



  1. Hai hai hai...nah akhirnya bisa dengerin suaranya Icha lagi, haha! Icha ikutan lomba menulis cerpen tuh di (^_^)


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