Friendship: “You are just as sweet as black cocoa”

by: Ika Devita Susanti

Friendship is not always sweet, but it is also bitter. Friendship is two soul bonded together without reducing each soul. It is a combination of two unique personals which still performs each personal independently. Friendship is two water full glasses with sugar and black chocolate. It is sweet yet it is bitter. It is strong yet it is soft. It can not be seen with our eyes. It can only be seen by our heart.

There are about millions people out there but we only choose several of them to be our friend. We choose them because we know that they are worth it. Friendship is not that simple. For me, friendship is a combination of three things:

1. Trust and honesty: You know without a trust and honesty, you even can not build a relationship, right? Trust is really important ingredient on friendship. I have a best friend. We have been together for eleven years now. We have faced many obstacles for those years. I know that there are many good people who support our friendship, but there are also many bad people out there who want to break our relationship. They tell aspersion between us both. Without trust, we will not be together until now. Honesty maintains the relationship to be held for a long time. Honesty brings you to a space called openness. This openness builds trust between me and my best friend.

to be continued here.....



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