Monday, November 24, 2008


Some people do not like dentist because they are examining their teeth and not all of them are patient and calm. Children are sometimes afraid when their parents want to bring them to the dentist. Some other loves it because they love veneers.

They are not only come for examining their teeth but they are also concern to their teeth. They are not only checking their teeth regularly but they are also meeting the dental veneers to help them protect their teeth. Teeth are now not only an instrument to eat but it is become a new way to be beautiful, at least for some people. Most of them are female, because female concern to their performance more than male does.

They do cosmetic dentistry to create a brighter smile and beautiful teeth. This activity could shape the teeth into beautiful arranged color whitening and make it natural for you. Dare to try?



Fida Abbott said...

I like to go to dentist. It is fun and I always get the new stuff, toys, sticker, etc.

Little Mermaid in PA

Devita said...

Hi Ariel! wow! that's great:D:D:D I want to see that sticker and toys ;)

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