Corruptions is not a secret topic anymore here in my country. Talking about corruptions, in my opinion, the corruptors should be punished hard. I absolutely agree that we cannot trust anybody remembering that not everyone is honest and we don’t know every single thought that they have. I also agree with them who said about Susilo’s Government’s improvement. From the outside, they have done well with the fighting against corruptions, but we don’t know the inside whether they’re any corruption in the bureaucracy or not.

According to this problem, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as our Leader should prepare and beware about cheating that could happen inside the every part of his government public figures. I think that He should provide new way to make the corruptions really do not happen in the government itself. I know it’s not easy, but if He could do this, I think that would be very good.

In the other side, this event makes us always beware with what we’re doing, because I’m sure that all of us don’t want to be cheated in our back. We should prepare also and try not to easily trusting people around us. Of course we don’t have to do it very hard if we don’t want to be a paranoid. What I mean here is that we should be wise, doing everything and makes a decision of anything wisely. Having a good attitude will be an added point because with a good attitude, people will respect us and think twice if they want to corrupt in our job.



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