Ariel's Card


That might be the best words to describe how I feel. Two days ago, I received the package from Ariel. She gave me two well printed cards with picture. The picture was drawn by Ariel herself. She is very creative. I love her. I have told Mr. Sexy that I want my children to be like her (psstt.. this is our secret).

Since I really like her activity and I really want to support her, I donate to her cards and Voila!! I got the cards. Look at this picture below:

That's the cards. And the surprising gifts is, I GOT ARIEL'S B"DAY PICTURE!!!! She is very gorgeous. I love the picture!

Thank you very much sis Fida. I am really happy. I will keep the picture. I wish I could meet Ariel and show her the picture. And for you who really wants to know who is this 4 years old beautiful girl and want to support her, just go to her sites here.

Have a great day everyone!!



  1. Trala, la, la....

    I am happy too, Tante Icha. You got my cards already and my picture. I'm also glad you and your Mom like them. My ibu is happy hearing this news.

    Send my regards to your Mom. I'm sure someday we will meet eachother.

    Thank you for posting this and I like the picture you have taken.

    Love and hug,
    Little Mermaid


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