What I Think About Pornography (part 3)

Several weird cases of pornography in Indonesia

“Buruan Cium Gue” The Movie had ever be protested because they expose a pornography. I have not watched the movie so I can not explain the story and anything about this movie. All I know is many students in my school got mad when the film was claimed.

Our dangdut singer, Inul Daratista which performed a seduced dancing (this is what some people think about her dance). I do not know, because I do not feel anything when I watch her dance. I mean, if she performed a seduced dance then how about gymnastics? How about aerobic? How about body language?

Playboy magazine which is still have pro contra in Indonesia.

People in Bali who take off their clothes when they have a rest in the beach.

Many “small” violation cases. I say it is “small” because there is no high media effect. The media did not matter it too deep, but when we open our eyes, we will realize that there are many cases of pornography here on earth which sometimes is being ignored.

How about you? What do you think about Pornography?

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