What I Think About Pornography (part 2)

Do people have to blame Anjasmara (if he is guilty)?

We all know that Anjasmara is a public figure. The mass control everything he does and every word he says. Some people use him as an inspiration or whatever. The others just take it easy. If Anjasmara is guilty then who has right to blame him? I think the only mistake that he made is that he is an actor. What if he is only a human like us? What if he is only a layman, which is not an inspiration for several people in Indonesia? I do not think that people will blame him. Why? Because they do not know him. He is not famous.

I am not his fans but when I think deeply, the way people try to blame him sometimes is not fair. I do not agree with pornography, but who knows the limit? Who knows the boundary of pornography while all of us have our own definitions about it? The censor institution does? I do not think so. If they do, then why we still have such a midnight film played with a very minimum censored? Once again, each person has his own boundary. This is the matter.

In my opinion, people do not have to blame Anjasmara. I think it is enough for him to get a punishment from the rule (which is actually not too clear). People do not have to add “a new testimonial” for him by doing the same thing as the rule. Are they right? We do not know. For me, I just go with the flow. Let them do what they want and let me do what I want. We all have our own way to do something.

to be continued here...



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