What I Think About Pornography (part 1)

Well, honestly, I actually never think about the pornography problem at all before I take my English class. I just know it as an ordinary problem in our social life which is always happen in everyday life. But now, after I read several articles about pornography, I got some information about it. When we talk about pornography, different person will make many different definitions about it.

What I mean here is that every people have their own opinion about pornography. In my opinion, pornography is the way someone does something which produces excited feeling and creates sexual appeal. Absolutely my opinion is different with another person. The actress, for example, they pose in a certain position to show their art side, but the layman thinks that they seduce them. Anyway, when we do something, we did not realize that what we have done is -sometimes- also can be included as pornography. Why? That is because every person has his own opinion.

to be continued here....



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