Public Speaking Class: Love it!

Have you ever learn about public speaking? Well, I have and I am very excited on it. Academically, learning Public Speaking increases my analytical thinking. I try to think of any other possible things about the topic which I want to present in front of the class. I finally know that finding the data for researching something is not too easy. I still remember when Miriam (My Germany friend) and I did our presentation, we had to search for several data. We had to pass several administration rules to get it. Anyway, I enjoyed it very much.

I also had to read the newspaper and kept in touch with the computer and several website to read anything which is happen, just to make sure that I was not left behind the others about collecting any information.

Public Speaking lessons gives me many benefits. I become more confident. I have my fully self esteem. Especially when my friends say, “Oh my God, you did your presentation by English?” I feel like, “Wow! This is one of my prides….. doing my presentation using English”. Sorry, no offense.

I can speak calm and slowly than before. I start to think creative and try to make a problem solving for the advancement of any program that I have.

I become more organized due to all my assignments. I always prepare my presentation before I do it. I practice it before the day I have to present it.

Last but not least, I become more responsible to my study. I feel like I have something on me which are good and can be relied on. People can depend on me and I can help others to motivate and give them support when they all feel nervous due to their presentation.

Anyway, I enjoy Public speaking class, because it brings me to the next step of my life, my personality and my acknowledgment.



  1. The first thing I prepare if I have conduct a presentation is ice breaker. I think what kind of humor related to the topic I should carry to the audience in order to grab an amazing first impression. Style over issue, context is stronger than content. The successful of a presentation will be determined in the first five minutes – opening language. If you success in the first five minutes and you can control your audience in the first five minutes, usually the rest of job will be fine. But however, at least we have understand what topic we’re presenting.


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