My PC and I

My lovely personal computers - I call it lovely because I seems really love it. I use it everyday, every minute, every moment and spend most of m time with it – has been re- installed. I do not know previously that it has been infected by viruses. Wow! Can you imagine how many viruses are there? I actually do not really understand about this, because I never use plug in or something else to this computer. Fortunately my brother did not get mad when he repaired my computer. I was really thankful for it. Well, now I have my computer clean from viruses. I am so happy. I really thank you brother. You are rock!

My monitor is in trouble now. I know about computer timeline. I should have known that my monitor is tired and need to be changed. I read the history of the computer and find several good articles about it. I also read articles about notebook. How you could change your personal computer into Mac. This is cool. My brother has ever done this before, and I like the layout. I also found the tips and trick how to switch programs on computer. The tips is very simple to read and very user friendly. I think I’m going to bookmark this one.



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