Sunday, October 5, 2008

My High School Conversation

I suddenly remember about my high school conversation with one of my friends. At that moment, my school's parking area was getting full of motorcycle.

My friends suddenly said to me:
"Wow! people is getting richer and richer each day. Look! The amount of student's motorcycle increases"

Then without thinking any further, I suddenly said to him:
"What if they are becoming poorer and poorer? They sell their car and buy motorcycle"



Tony said...

ga ngerti soal ga pernah kul :D

~~Devita~~ said...

High school itu SMA bro.

Badrul. R said...

hei devi, met kenal dulu yaa
hmm kalo baca postingan nya..
gua sih sepikiran dengan lo.. karena banyak tuh temen2 gua dulu yg naik mobil, tp akhirnya skrg pada naik motor...

tp bisa aja sih alasannya krn motor lebih cepat dan gak kena macet, tp who knows... kemungkinan yang lo bilang diatas ada kan.. hehehe

Jiewa said...

lebih hemat naik motor sih jaman skrg.. temen2 kantor ada yg punya mobil, tapi akhire naik motor juga skrg :P

~~Devita~~ said...

Hi Badrul! hehehehhe

Hi Jie! iya emang sih :D bensin mahal..

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