Is Relationship Healthy? (part1)

Since the first time man was created, God knows that human can not live alone. He needed a friend who could accompany him in the Eden. He also needed someone who could support him in this world. That is why God created Eve as a supporting partner for human to share their joy and sorrow. Believe it or not, this law still exists until now. If we take a look at our environment, all of the people are connected one by one. They are all having someone in life, no matter who they are. Can you imagine living without anybody by your side?

We are not an individual person. We need others to help us, to support us and to be our friend. Nobody wants to be lonely in this world. Everybody wants to have someone in their life, someone who could share their joys and sorrows together with indivisible, someone who could response to him whenever he asks for something and someone who could stand beside him through every happiness and pain. This is life.

How to make them stand beside us if we do not have anything connected to them? Relationship is the key. We need a relationship to keep up with them and to be connected to them. Husband has wife, grandfather has grandmother, and uncle has aunt. We are created to be together, not to be individual.



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