Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Interruptions? No!!!

Are we really as kind and open as we can be in our daily lives?

How do you handle interruptions in your days? Do you plow right on over them missing opportunities God has placed on your path? What interruptions frustrate you the most? How are you working to overcome that?

Well, I actually do not like interruptions, at all. When I planned something, I want to stick on that plan. I really hate it when there was suddenly an interruption appear in the middle of my activity. I hate it before I realize that there are opportunities that lie in them as God is allowed to reveal Himself.

I am a strong head person. When I want to do something, I will do it, no matter what others may say. When I do not want to do it, I really do not do it, except when it really needed, like my thesis lol. Well, to be honest. It is really difficult for me to handle interruptions. You might know it if you ask Mr. Sexy. It is still becoming a lesson for me to struggle. I think I am not a good example for it. So, I just need a help.

What I have done lately to keep myself realizing the fact that sometimes allowing interruptions is good is the writings from all of my friends. I read them and I learn from that. This makes me survive. Any help?



LAURIE said...

I am a stickler when it comes to schedules, lists and plans and I do not like detours at all but I also am a realist and realize that flexibility is the word of the day. God needs us to be flexible to take care of His business in the middle of our business sometimes. Thanks for sharing your heart with us today. -Blessings.

Devita said...

Yes Laurie. I also proud of you. you could make every things in order.:D

koko said...

schedule are meant to be broken. hayo, sudah ikut Blog Action Day 2008 belum?

Devita said...

hehehe... dasar nih koko. lom ikutan, tadi ke sana, eh udah telat.

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