Sunday, October 5, 2008

I love decorating

My living room furniture is very simple. I have only a set of sofa and a black glass table. There is a space under my table which I always use it to put my magazines and news paper. My mother always put small pillows on the sofa to make us more comfortable when we sit there.

I always love it when I go to living room furniture store. I can browse furniture there. I want to buy then someday when I have my own house. Actually I like to decorate my house, but since I still live with my parents, I can not do that.

I want to have a small garden at home. I will grow several beautiful flowers and I will put an ottoman there and a small table beside it. I really want to make over my home. We’ll see if Mr. Sexy permit me to do it. Of course I will do it when we have married.



Hannah said...

Iyala, bensin mahal geto..
Mending naek motor bensinnya irit & duitnya bisa buat beli kolor :D

Hannah said...

Kalo buat kebon, korsi kecil bahasa inggrisnya 'garden stool' :D

Ottoman itu biasanya buat di ruang tamu krn bahannya dari kulit ato bahan material (yg non outdoor).

*sok tau banget*

~~Devita~~ said...

Hi Hannah... wakkakakkak.. iya bu guruuuu... ampuunn...

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