I Long for a Holiday

Mr. Sexy loves traveling. He always spends his holiday by traveling to another city or another country. I also want to go traveling. I want to visit another continent (yes, this is what I am talking about). I want to go to Europe, America, and Australia. Well, since America and Europe is quite far away from my home, let’s just talk about Australia.

Searching for information about going abroad is my hobby. I do not care whether I will go there someday or not. As long as I have seen it on the booklet or magazine, it is okay for me. I read many sites about going abroad. I browse for every picture I can find. You know, I like pictures a lot.

I know one serviced apartment there, it is Quest apartments. They provide accommodation solutions along Australia since 20 years ago. Until now, I think, it is still the largest operator in the serviced apartment sector. Talking about Australia, I found site which provides access to last minute deals. It is Cheaperthanhotel. They also provide pre booked discounts for their organization. Wow, I like this. This means that when I have to decide in a very tight close moment, I till can get the room. Serviced apartments are a great alternative to booking hotels; it will help us enjoying our trip without busy making up here and there. Holiday, when will you come?



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