Experiences and Situations... He is There

Umm... please allow me to do this before I go:D:D

I am thankful for my good and bad experiences and situations because from that I know that God is good all the time and He always be there for me.

I am also thankful for this meme, because it keeps me on track to count my blessings. Thank you all!!



  1. Yes, He is always there! Praise Him!

    Thank you for sharing your thankful heart with us today!

  2. Bless you for counting your blessings.

  3. Devita - TT posts are one of the highlights to blogging for me.

    I always start off my Thursday in such a joyful way seeing how God is tangibly touching all of our lives!

    He is good all of the time!

    In His amazing grace,

  4. Happy Thankful Thursday to you!

  5. It helps me keep track of what to thank God for too! :) Nice post!

  6. Yup! I agree...
    God will never leave us...
    Nice post...


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