Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Christmas is almost come

If you are living in four season’s country, you probably are looking for a fireplace set right now. Or you might have it and want to buy a new blomus stainless steel fire pit to complete your home decor? Or you might have just bought a new home and want to have it one to make it glancing? If it is so, then you must be searching for it. Christmas is almost come!

I envy my entire friends who live there. They could prepare something at December. They might have been busy with socks for their children. They put the sock above the fireplace. They might also being busy with their blomus stainless steel star Christmas ornament set which are very cute and beautiful. They might also being busy with the foods and beverages they will crave for the event. Oh, how I really want it to be winter here.

I just think that someday I will go there and choose some place for me and my family to stay. We will have our own fireplace and sofas and dogs. We will buy new beautiful blomus stainless steel tealight holders and we will drink our tea in front of the fireplace while the music plays our songs. How beautiful it will be.



june said...

Oooo I love candles, too Cha...

LiSan said...

Wah jadi ngga sabar niey ^o^

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