Beautiful Mailbox at Home

Do you have mailbox at home? Well, I used to have it before my mom and my dad renovates our home. We have a simple small mailbox out side our house. It can not be seen until you get close to my house. Actually there are man cluster mailboxes here but my father chooses the different one. I also do not know why. I check at the website, they provide many varieties of mailboxes.

There are also available beautiful and cute apartment mailboxes at your choice. You must choose which one is match with your home or apartment. You pick one which is contrast with the color of the house or you just choose which one is supporting the design of your house. It is good to arrange everything at home right?
Or you actually could just use it for your decorative out side your room. I mean, look at the style; it is not like usual commercial mailboxes out there. It has a different detail and model. You will be addicted to it before you realize it. Now, who says that mailbox is boring?



  1. Hi Devita, wow, I love this mailbox, looks very elegant too. Maybe in pink for you? Ha ha, just kidding.
    You have a nice day, Lee.

  2. Hi Uncle, I love pink:D:D:D

    Have a nice day!

  3. I will try to find color blue mailbox for my room..

  4. i love pink too :)
    kita cat aja kali ya cha


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