Friday, October 24, 2008

Am I deppressed?

I was very busy lately doing many things about my thesis. I went out of town to meet my lecture to have a consultation about my thesis. I spent a day just to find three books which I finally could not find it. I tell my lecture and he finally ask me to use the available books. “Finally”, I said to myself. I was only afraid that I might get depressed by all of this things. I visited this Just about anything blog and found something there.

We must detect the signs of depressed problem. I used to have a very bad unforgettable moment with my first thesis title. I know that I should have finished my study two years ago. It was very traumatic experience of my life when suddenly the company – in the middle of the research - refused to continue the process. I should find a new one when I was one step closer to the last chapter.


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Fida Abbott said...

You will finish your thesis soon. Believe!!!

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