Wawang's birthday

Today is Wawang's birthday. Wawang is one of A Yi Se Ing's grandson. He is 21 years old since yesterday. His grand mother treat us today at our hui suo. Well, hui suo here means the place where we always have a dancing rehearsal or regular practice. That means, we have a big meals tonight.

There are fried rice, noodle, chicken sauce, fried chicken with sauce (they are different..lol) and also cucumber. the foods was very delicious. I will put the picture later..lol.. because i am sleepy now. We ate so much that we finally could not rehearse well. the impact is, our dancing teacher, Miss Silvi, say, " Go a head, eat much and don't dance, you will gain weight" lol....

Today's activity ended at 9 because the electricity suddenly off and there is something wrong with the cable. Feeling curious and scared, we finnaly choose to go home and continuing our excercise next week... ooo.. what a pity...



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