Brothers and sisters in Christ is not ONLY brother and sister. They could support us through our happiness and sorrow, even through the internet. I has just visit Sis Pia's blog and i find something there. I quote this paragraph below from her blog:

"Worrying will not achieve anything. But giving it all to God will. There are just some things that we cannot get our hands on and we must simply let God do the work for us.
God gave us the way, it's up to us which road to take. Choose the easier path. Let go and let God."

I know that she use this for herself, but i got something from this. She might doesn't mean to state this paragraph for me, but i feel better when i read this. Why i always worry about anything? Why i became so clueless?

Well, i guess the problem is, i depend on myself too much. that is why i forget that there is another power, another way out of mine which is always available there for me, but i never use it.

God has that power. He has that way out. He is the way out indeed. i should have know about this... how could i forget.

Well, sis Pia, thank you very much.



  1. letting go is always easier said than done isn't it?

    Great realization! :)

  2. yeah, GOD always has a way for us, always :) like a song said 'God will make a way', I like this song :)

  3. yes sis Amy :D:D thank you:D

    yes bro. He is the way.

  4. walo ingris buruk tapi intip dulu ya :D

  5. ah, bro toni suka merendah deh... :D:D

  6. if you feel strong and do anything by yourself then you will fail. But if you feel weak and depends on GOD you will success... ^.^

  7. Yup bro! We must let Him do the rest :D

  8. Icha, so very true, let go and let God, it's His way not ours, it's His responsibility and His works, our responsibility and work are very simple (but it's hard to do, hehe) which is to believe that He can and He will do it, in His time. TRUST HIM with all your heart.


  9. jump from Tha. koleksi blognya banyak nih :)


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