No More Directory Problem

There are so many issues according to the Microsoft exchange setting up process. Most of them have the trouble in misconfiguration. All of these issues point to the need for exchange management tools that can protect and insulate your exchange environment from downtime resulting from misconfiguration.

Do you have any active directory at home? Do you need a management for your directory? Ensim might be a solution for your active directory management. Ensim Corporation is the leading provider of management software for Unified Communications and Collaboration infrastructure. One of its products is Ensim Unify. It allows organizations to decrease operating costs, improve workforce effectiveness, and meet security and compliance goals.

Managing distribution groups requires using native exchange tools and hence system access, the responsibility for creating and managing distribution groups lies with the Exchange administrator. Ensim Unify make this possible. Each employee can easily create and manage their “smart distribution list”. Several of Ensim’s partner are Microsoft, Research In Motion, Siemens AG, and Fenestrae.



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