Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Mom’s Room

I have no dancing rehearsal today, so I have spare time for me and my hamster to play together. We usually play at my mom’s room. You must be curious of this unusual thing. Well, the first time we play there, my mom afraid that we could destroy her bedroom furniture. In fact, we just play hide and seek. Can you believe it? Me and my hamsters play hide and seek.

My mom’s room is very comfortable for me. This is why I always spend much of my time there. She has a modern bedroom furniturewhich makes you addicted to stay in the room. The bed is very comfortable. The room also has a television and a radio. I could sleep listening to the soft music which is played by the radio.

What I love from my mom’s room is her simple armoire. It is futuristic and elegant. Have I told you that the armoire is the most contemporary bedroom furniture I love. It was made from a good material. The simple carving is amazing. I am sure that you will like it. That only if you were here. But I am not sure whether she will permit you or not. You know, she is not that open.



Tony said...

kalo diitung2 ini dollar ke berapa ya ??? :D

~~Devita~~ said...


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