Managing Event

Yesterday, one of my friends sent me message about trade shows exhibit which is held in one of the biggest mall in my town. I use to join that kind of exhibits. I love to watch and learn from them. We learn how to maintain a good exhibition and how to manage it.

I remember the day when I was at career center. I use to be a training part timer at career center in my college. I held many events about student and their future. The training is about how to get a job and how to make curriculum vitae. I have special crews to hold this event. There is many things we should prepare concerning to this event, such as the LCD, computer, table with its table covers, chairs, sofa and podium for the guesses.

One of the difficult things is to find a good table top display which is placed outside the room. We sometimes borrow someone’s stuff or bring our own stuff. Fortunately, I have good crews which support me all the time. The event run well and we get a new experience to learn.



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