I need help

I like to mad to everybody around me nowadays. i don't really now what has happened to me.
I also do not want to be like this, but what could i do. I have been searching and searching and i think this is about my vertical relationship. When my vertical relationship did not go well, i will have difficulties to maintain my horizontal relationship.

i have read many blogs today - I have many things to do so i have been idle for a couple of days- and i finnaly check my bookmarks on my page. I found this site. Well, i am not a new believer, but i think i need help.

So i sign up the 30 day guide there and excited about what will happen. Do you have any other suggestion?



  1. hi Cha,
    when I heard you need help, I went in a hurry to open your blog.
    Don't worry, I will help you, I always help you, don't I ? :)
    Nanti tak kasi permen ya, udah jgn marah dan sedih lagi ya..


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