Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Heart by Konyaku:D

I like making jelly. One of the kinds of jelly is konyaku. It is simple making and i can make it in a different shapes. one of the shape is heart. look at the picture below.

When it already shaped, we take it out from the plastic and it becomes like this one

Sorry, the picture is not too clear. It was dark at my

How about you, have you ever made this kind of Konyaku?



Tony said...

wah lop nya kerrenn kapan ya dapet :D

Hannah said...

Nyammm... agar2 enaaakkk.... :D

Jiewa said...

Kalo aku sukanya bikin konnyaku dgn cetakan binatang2 lucu trus pake buah lychee ..slurppp :D

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