Cinta Laura faints at school?

i know several people in Indonesia do not like her. But i like her, especially her accent:D. Cinta Laura was born in Germany on Aug. 17, 1993. She is a newcomer actress and singer in Indonesia. Many people hate her because she can not speak bahasa fluently. Several person was born like that, so i think that is okay.

Since her activities increases, she now has a very tight schedule. I read Jakarta Post today and it says that Cinta Laura faints a school. this might be because of her many activities and the obligation she should fulfill. Her mom, Herdiana said that Cinta had been so busy with her shooting schedule that she only managed to get around three hours of sleep every night. Herdiana added that she had asked Cinta, who is fasting during Ramadan, to postpone her shooting activities for a while. Unfortunatelly, Cinta refuses to take a break. She feels that she has an obligation.

Anyway, i hope Cinta could get well soon. And for all of you who really hates her, you may not read this if you do not mind. Ooppss.. you already read this Sorry, no offense. Okay, this i one songs performed by Cinta, i hope you could enjoy it.

Have a great day everyone!!



  1. wah kenal baik sama cinta laura ya...??? :D

  2. ga juga sih, tapi itu temannya sahabatku:D dulu waktu masih kecil banget..wakaka


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