Bible, Pen and Knife?

If you were deserted on an island for 1 year with absolutely no connection to the outside world (not even one person), what 3 things would you bring with you?

Well, this is the 125.689.546 times people ask me about this question :D just kidding :D:D.
I always give different answers according to my new perspective of life. this time, my answer would be: bible, knife and pen. Curious why?

Actually i want to bring my cell phone because it has a bible application, so i do not need to bring my bible. and also it has a music application so i can listen to the music while i am alone there. But since i remember that my phone need to be charged, so i canceled it I could bring a bible and sing for my self. lol..

Well, this is for a tools only. So here is the case, when i need food and i can not take it from the tree, i use it to cut the branch so i can get the fruit. When there is a danger around me, i can use it to protect me. it does not guarantee safety but it will reduce my worry.

Because i like to write and when i want to record this experience, i will write it on my bible. You know, bible has a little space in each page so we could write something on it. let's say that this is one of the precious experience between me, God and the living creature in deserted island. uuhmm....I am smelling a book release :D:D

So how about you guys? what 3 things will you bring?



  1. i'd say cellphone too because it has my NIV bible in it, music, etc. =D

    let's see... bible, knife, lots and lots of baby wipes. haha!

  2. hahahahah..... yes, me too at the first

    baby wipes? hahahhahaha....

    i don't think so, we have a very huge place

  3. lha kalo ini ga ngerti aku :D

  4. hmm... neber think about it
    may be i would take matches, blanket and i'll move my church to the island

  5. bawa cemilan yang banyak....hhehehehe

  6. bawa cemilan yang banyak..hheheheeheh

  7. wakakkakakkak ini bukan bro, ini dari christian woman online :D

    wah eta curanggg.....

    wah manda, puasa... tobat...tobat...


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