Friday, September 19, 2008


I am so sorry Sis Fida, i almost forget to do this tag for you. Okay, guys, this is a tag that Sis Fida have given to me since a couple of weeks ago.

Sis Fida
gave me this tag:
- Copy the text from "Rules"
- Post it in your blog. Make sure you copy it in compose mode (blogger) or visual mode for the others. This will enable you to copy all your friend's link as well. Have fun doing it.
- In the next number, add your blog url and link it
- Add the greetings that you use frequently or one that is in your traditional language.

1. Fida Abbott says Hello!

2. Ika Devita says Ni hao!

3. Nie says … Nyong pan hin aaa… >> Khek, Khuntien

4. Jenri Tan says Ni hao!

5. Your blog says ...

So, The next lucky persons are: Nie and Jenry



Kemauan said...

aduh thanks lho ya diberi tag kayak gini, jarang2 dpt barang beginian :) terpaksa musti cepet bales, soale disuruh cepet2 sih - dah dimuat skr di tempatku :)

Fida Abbott said...

Hi Devita,

Thank you, you always remember if someone gave a tag for you.

Have great day!

Tony said...

ga ngerti sama sekali :D

~~Devita~~ said...

huehehhe... oke oke.. aku ke sana yah jenry:D

Hi sis Fida:D:D of course:D:D
thank you:D

have a great day!

hi bro toni..waakka... santai...

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