Monday, July 28, 2008

The Secret Blessing: A Book About My Life

What would be the title of a book about your life?

Simple yet difficult question to answer. why? because i never think about it before. So after flashing back my life to the first time i was born, here is my answer.

I want my book to be titled: The Secret blessing

Don’t ask me why. I just think that my life is about a secret relationship with God and nobody could understand what experiences i’ve got. I was born with His grace and my life now it’s also accompanied by His grace. Well, sometimes i’m down and sometimes i’m also sad, but He always gives me courage and supports me through the good or bad.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is, He always gives me the way out.


The unpredictable and the simple one

The one i can’t imagine in my mind

The help come secretly, nobody could understand

The blessings He gave me is precious and grand

-Ika Devita-


Have a nice day all!

With love,


Gratcia said...

Icha.. (^_^) What a beautiful life you have! GBU.

~~Devita~~ said...

Hi sis! thank you. you also have a wonderful life :D

have a great day!

JED-ReVoLuTiA said...

Hidup kita jadi bermakna karena ada Yesus.

Tony said...

wah aku jadi ga pede nih koment ku selalu indo :D

Tha said...

ih icha..gimana sih caranya buat signature nama icha jadi bagus gitu???


Kemauan said...

It will be more beautiful if you write down your story of life in a book, send to gramedia and you will be the famous writer ever :D

Fida Abbott said...

Icha,kapan mulai nulis bukunya?
Ditunggu ya...

koko said...

My book will be called Go with the Flow..

~~Devita~~ said...

Hi jed! :D

Hi Ton! gapapa lah.. kan emang bahasa ibu..wakakakka

Hi etaa.... cari di gugel :D:D

Hi jenry! thank you bery much for your support:D

Hi sis Fida.. after you ;D

i koko! oh ya? then go... :D

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