Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chill out..


Peggy said...

Ika Devita...I have been all over your blog posts looking for your
Internet Chat on Book Title!

I love all your various interests in the ARTS and I think you have some of your pages in Indonesian but no where did I see the Cafe Chat or the symbol
(their button). Just wondering what title you gave your Book about You and Your Life?

I have Bible Gateway also in English! and in Spanish on my sidebar I have a blessing from God's Word(English, too)!

Are you running the race for God?
Run with perseverance and you don't need this funny Michelle Ustaszeski...because to get to the top in just need to seek God first and all will be added unto you! You won't have to use the stairs! JESUS stairs lead to the Father God...ONE WAY Jesus! You would be lovely worshiping God in dance with all your creative desires!!! Praise the Lord today!

Oh, by the way, I did not do the Internet Chat this time but would have liked to...

Seli said...

what happen???

Jiewa said...

Yup yup, sama spt motoku :

Mau mewujudkan mimpi ? Bangun ! hehe..

~~Devita~~ said...

Hi Jie! Yup!

Hi Seli!! gapapa.. sebenernya Icha cuman mo testing ajah waakakka.. tapi skaligus posting itu :D

Hi Peggy! I am sorry, i haven't get the point before, but soon after this, i will post it.

What I mean actually is that we trust God and we know that we'll get what we need, but we also have to walk step by step. it is not about forgetting God, it is about going through the proccess... But i really thankful for your loving care.

ps: i will post the internet cafe soon.


Tha said...


terus menapak kedepan dalam bimbingan papi Jesus :)

koko said...

I step forward but i'm moving backward. help! :p

~~Devita~~ said...

Wakakakkak iya Tha!! :D:D

lah, koko napa?? apa yang terjadi?

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