Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

So, i get this award from Baby which is very enthusiastic about it. :D but she is cool! Thank you very much baby!! I do not know exactly why i got this award because i certainly do not consider about it. (it is different from the competition i joined last month). One thing makes me laugh when she use a dancing girl picture at my name on the list..wakkakaka.. baby, you are soo creative! So, since i got this award from her, i would like to pass it on to another five Rockin' girl. They are: Eta and Nie.


  1. cepet juga (^^,) I need 4 months to decide, hah hah hah.. (^_^)

    You got this from me because of many reasons, 1st of all, you're the 1st one bother to look into my blog and leave a comment and since then you're consistently dropping by, reading and communicating, and thus you're a good blogger, you already got for yourself me as a faithful reader of your blog because of your great attitude (^_-). And second, but the most important thing besides your great personality is your blog is very enjoyable, I admire your sincerity and truthfulness that I can perceive through your writing, although you might not consider this as a work but a hobby but you are serious and focus on your blogging, not just throwing nonsense, but sharing part of your life and thoughts, as a reader and a watcher, I appreciate that (^^,). I also envy this, your page rank is 3, hahaha! That is another achievement from my point of view.

    Well... for all that--besides many other things, to me, you're one of those blogger that rock my blogging world (^_-) Keep it up Icha!

    I wasn't supposed to be blogging, haha, just came back from church and couldn't help to peek, and saw this and couldn't help but MUST comment, wakakakakaa!!!

    Now I gotta go again, my niece's birthday party! YaiiiY!

    Have a wonderful time there Icha. GBU! Take care!

    PS: I think we must figure out something for Jed, because he is also a rockin' blogger (^_-) Any suggestion? Can we cook up something?? (^^p)

  2. wakakakak.... how fast! wakakakkak... i am speechless..wakkakaka.... thank you. you are rock too! :D:D

    ouw, give my regards to your niece:D

    For Jed? good idea:D still thinking here :D


  3. Congratulations!!! Go Rock Girl!!!

  4. Hi SIs Fida!! thank youu:D:D:D

    warm regards,



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