My Birthday and Qiao Guang Show

One day in the Kingdom of Qiao Guang, someone visited the family to ask for a dance. They were suddenly busy deciding which dance will be performed.

Wait... who is she.... a troublemaker? Oh no! That's Eka... Hi Eka!

Okay let’s get back to our topic..... Everybody were very busy rehearsing... WAIT! What are they doing?!?!?

OH NO! Ika!! Yunita!! do your thing! Do some rehearsal! or.. help the others...!!

Okay this surely does not work. Ika!! Wan wan!!!! Come on, get back to your position!

Nooo...!!! not that pose! I mean, your position an Gong Jue.. Yunita!!!!!

Aiyayayayyayya... whatever>> lao shi collapsed.....




Aniwei, the discussion was over and all the girls had done the show very well. It is one of the picture taken at my birthday, the same day when we performed our dancing.

Qiao Guang Jia You!


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