No Fear

We would never make God’s arrival as our frigtened if we were longing for Him. We would long for Him if we were full of Him. We could long for Him if we recognized and appreciated the word of God. We could appreciate what is written if we had had an experience. We must long for having a private experience with God.

Our God is so rich, that’s why we never exhausted when we search for Him. To enjoy him as a dawnstar and to enter in His Kingdom, we must be faithful to keep our heart fresh of Him. WE must search and dig deeper for the word of God. We just need to return into spirit and God’s words. We need to be a person who wait for the completeness of God’s words.


  1. Perfectly and beautifully said (^^,)

  2. Correct :), He gives strength to us, so that we don't need to be afraid of anything


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