Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Qiao Guang, My Second Family

Beside my primary family at home, i have second family which i spend most of my time with them. They are Qiao Guang Family. We sometimes dispute each other, but we love each other.
Difference makes perfects.

Tour at Probolinggo.
In front of Bromo Asri Restaurant.

Memoar of the Bus.
My Birthday....managed by Tirto, thank you very much.

Together at Stinger

Playing cards together
History Hotel, May, 13th, 2006
Here are several performance by us:

Lampion "New Year" Dance.
Bali Dance

Xie Chen Gu Niang (Tibet Dance)
Here is a little documentation from our tour to Jember. Barongsai.


Fida Abbott said...

Oky Dogy!!

Hi Icha, thanks banget sudah menyediakan waktu menulis begitu banyak komentar dan membaca artikel-artikelku di HOKI ya. Syukurlah kalau Icha mendpt-kan berkat dari sana. Jadinya artikelku berguna utk orang lain.

BTW, wah mimpi Icha ttg aku buat bulu kudukku berdiri nih. Kok bisanya sampai Icha mimpi ttg aku. We will see in the couple next years!!!

Who knows?!!

Warm regards from PA

~~Devita~~ said...

Hi Sis Fida! You're welcome :D

Henry Hongdoyo said...

wow... keren loh...
kapan2 show di jakarta yach !!

~~Devita~~ said...

wakkakakka... aminnn.. :D

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