Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Forgive You ...

by Liz Larry

I feel like I should be mad at you ...
But I'm not.
What you did hurt,
But it's not the end.
I know God has something
In store for us.

Yes, I hurt - or did,
but now, I have questions -
I know I have the right to ask them,
But I'm scared ...
At how it will make you feel.

You mean so much to me,

And I love you to death.

The trust that was broken

CAN and WILL be restored,

One question I have is:

How do we - as friends,

Go on from here?

It won't be the same;

Not for a while - but -

In time, I know,

It will be better

Than it ever was ...

I guess the answer to my question is ...

Day by day, step by step,

Is how we go on ...

It's how we will make it.


Tha said...

i forgive you...
indah banget =)

Si Jagoan Makan said...

wah..kirain dah lebaran. I forgive u too

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