Things to do this week
(i mean, the rest week of this month):

* Accomplishing any Entrepreneurship seminar things, including the sponsorship, the committee, the promotion, etc-----soooo... busy!

* Doing unpredictable things at my office----from unpredictable person too.

* Finishing my duty as a student, making a proposal and reading many books about my topik, which is still a mystery--- O Gosh!

* Rehearsing Tap Dance for Miss Silvi exam---- 4 times a week, until the big day

* Rehearsing another dance for the wedding party--not mine, of course, 2 times a week.

* Doing a Carnaval at Kya Kya---- I don't even know why "a yi a yi" ask me to do this.

* Having Kolokium Classes-- A class of crazy student's who are obsessed to get out of school as soon as possible...oopss.. i mean its a class for all of the student who want to do their thesis this semester. 1-3 times per week.

It's gonna be a very busy week of this month, so guys, are you gonna miss me?? :D

NB: I want to say sorry to everyone who are waiting for my dance tour story. I've been very busy this month, but i'll try to write it as soon as possible, with the picture as a bonus.


  1. "Unpredictable things from unpredictable person"? Sapa nihhh??? Hayoooo....

  2. "Unpredictable things from unpredictable person"

    it means mee...???

  3. @ Ce jessie: maybe you? or someone else?

    @ Danie: yes danie.. its u! wakakaka...
    hey 15 years old boy! sing that "bulan" song. wakakkaka

  4. Ow.. arek suroboyo yg kul di sgp ya ? Lam kenal..

  5. @ Jiewa: no, Icha di surabaya kok :D

    @ Miss Joanne: hai miss ;P
    makasih yah udah mampir :D

  6. Wah satu lagi anak Sby. Makin banyak aja kawan blogger aku anak Sby ^o^

  7. huaaa?
    you are a dancer?


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